The Great Sedro Woolley Footrace

Race Map

Race Routes

The 2 mile route:

Click here for a map of the 2 mile route.

Description of 2 mile route:

The route begins at the start line for both the 2 and 5.17 mile races on Metclaf Street. Look for the big start sign and all the people. From there the route proceeds to the first right turn at Ferry Street. The Route continues along Ferry Street until taking another right at Township Street. On arriving at State Street the participants will turn left and proceed about 100 yards before running around a cone and turning around. After this the run coming back to the finish line is just the reverse of going out.

The 5.17 mile route:

Click here for a map of the 5.17 mile route.

Description of the 5.17 mile route:

The 5.17 mile route is the exact same as the 2 mile up until the cone where the 2 milers turn around. The 5 mile racers do not turn around but continue on until they take a left turn at Fruitdale Road. They will run on Fruitdale until the intersection with the River Road. Continuing on the River Road, the next turn is a right back onto Fruitdale. The run up Fruitdale will end with a turn left at State Street. From there it is one more left at Metcalf and then a sprint to the finish line.